Anastasia Rider

"Working with Eemon and Ashkan, was the best experience I've had to date working with any coach. They were both attentive to my needs and scheduling concerns, while ensuring I was able to accomplish the goals I had set out for myself. Through them, I was able to lose over 40 pounds, which culminated with my competition in the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding show. If you are interested in not only achieving a physique goal for yourself but also to learn through the process, they are great coaches to work with and will change your point of view on dieting and nutrition overall to a more positive one."

Carmen Musso

"When I first went to Ashkan of Xtremebody Nutrition I had no idea about nutrition. I knew the types of food that were good and ones that were bad but I didn’t know anything about macronutrients. I knew I had to eat food to grow which basically to me meant I had to eat a lot of food and that’s  what I did before working him. He assessed my diet for three days I gave him my macronutrient numbers and he worked the numbers and gave me my new diet. The results were quick! In 13 weeks he got me into the best shape of my life. After he competition he put me on a reverse diet (which I absolutely hated) but I am very glad I did it and stuck with it. I gained minimal amounts of fat all the while putting on noticeable size and gaining strength. I am now in a place where I’ve learned enough that I’m confident in doing my own diet as I am currently reverse dieting. He provided me more than just competition prep, he gave me the knowledge and confidence I need to keep pursuing my fitness goals and possibly help people reach their own. "

Tatiana Esteves

"I’ll never forget the first time I went to Xtremebody My husband and I had just moved into the area, and we were interested in the idea of getting into shape, but really had no idea where to start. So we both went into the store. We met Ashkan and Eemon, Both were and still are so awesome and knowledgeable! Long story short, They guided us with the products, NEVER once over sold us products we didn’t need. I decide to go into diet with them and wow! I got into the best shape of my life and truthfully it changed my life! Seriously, it changed me! The reason I say this, it’s because I maintained a good healthy diet without actually being on a diet. It became and it is a lifestyle for me and they taught me that. They helped me sculpt my body to what I wanted and till this day my body is pretty near what I want it to be. This is my testimonial, I am real customer and I love their passion! I’m so glad my husband and I decided to walk into their store! Thank you guys for being so awesome! "